Barcamp #3. Unity3D : Custom Editors, Unity3D Assets to Boost Productivity, Behaving with math

We are announcing our Barcamp #3 that will take place in Startup Depot (Vesnyana St. 4) on Thursday, the 5th of June, 19:00. Registration is free but required.


This barcamp is all about Unity3D. This time we will talk about:

  • Custom Editors in Unity3D (Vitaliy Zasadnyy)
  • Unity3D Assets to Boost Your Productivity (Taras Leskiv)
  • Behaviour for Unity3D (Serhiy Grinets)


Vitaliy ZasadnyySpeaker : Vitaliy Zasadnyy, Unity 3D Dev at Nravo

Topic : Editors, editors, editors! (do you remember this guy :))


This talk is all about great Unity feature – custom editors. We’ll talk why this feature is so cool, and what can we achieve by extending the editor. We will even try to create one during event. Real-life experience from our team included.


: Taras Leskiv, Unity 3D Dev at Nravo

Topic : Asset Store is your friend. Take advantage of it.


In this talk I will describe some of the amazing Unity3d Asset Store assets that I use and how they save me hours of development time. I will describe how those assets help you to solve different problems.


Speaker : Serhiyy Grinets, Unity 3D Dev at Nravo

Topic : Behaving with math


In this talk we will learn how to use math, asset store and unity to create complex and unpredictable AI with ease.