Barcamp #2. Making games for Google Glass and Playmaker for Unity3d

We are announcing our second barcamp that will take place in CoMMuna (Halytska St, 1) on Wednesday, the 2nd of April, 19:00. Registration is free. CoMMuna entrance fee is 25 hrn. This time we will talk about game development for Google Glass and about Playmaker for Unity3d.

Vitaliy ZasadnyySpeaker : Vitaliy Zasadnyy, Unity 3D Dev at Nravo

Topic : Making games for Google Glass


Game development probably is one of the most challenging area of software engineering. With evolution of wearable devices like Google Glass it becomes even more interesting. This presentation is a quick walk thought glass games ideology, resources and sensors we can use and finally tools and frameworks suitable for building next generation games.

Presentation will be interesting for everyone who makes, wants to make, likes playing games or just interested in a new piece of technology revolution.



Speaker : Serhiyy Grinets, Unity 3D Dev at Nravo

Topic : Make games. Not Code. (or magnificent PlayMaker for Unity 3D)


Sometimes you can make a good game without writing a single line of code and still use Unity 3D. During this presentation you will take a glance at PlayMaker, visual development tool for Unity 3D, and learn how to make a prototype of a simple game and solve different kinds of problems in your current project using this technology.

Presentation will be interesting for game designers and developers who need to create prototypes of their great games fast.