Mastering Unity Project Folder Structure. Level 2 – Assets Organization

Have you ever faced a problem that it was hard to find assets in your project? If you’re new to Unity and make game more complex than Space Invaders, the answer is probably yes. That’s exactly what happened with our team, we are working on a big 3D MMO game and three months ago we decided that our project requires restructuring. In this post I’ll show folder structure that we use, explain how it is connected with art production pipeline and describe some naming conventions that help us a lot.

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Unity Workshop – “How to create 2D games with Unity 3D”

Are you interested in game development and will be in Lviv on the 26th of January?


We’re happy to invite you to the Unity Workshop – the first official event organized by Lviv GameDev Community! Add this date to your calendars: Sunday, 26 of January, 11:00, Shevchenka boulevard 5, 6th floor of Nravo office.


Event will be held in workshop format, the topic is “How to create 2D games with Unity 3D”. Special guest – Dmytro Mindra, Software Development Engineer in Test, Unity Technologies.

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How to make Unity work better on Maverick

Maverick performance issue was opened just after Maverick release and now is the most voted on Unity bug tracker. Unfortunately or not, Apple has made new version of their Mac OS free and big part of users updated to the latest version without doubts and all of them got affected by this issue.


But today we’ll talk not about how “bad” or “good” Apple is, but how to improve Unity editor performance on Maverick.

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Nravo Barcamp #0 recordings available

Hello reader, I’m happy to announce launch of Nravo Developers YouTube channel.


For now we’ve published recordings from Nravo Barcamp #5 where Taras Leskiv talked about integrating iOS DevCenter into your Unity game and Volodymyr Mykhailyk talked about influence of classical literature on a developer. All videos are available in Ukrainian.


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