[cancelled] Barcamp #4. Google Cardboard, WP8 and Unity, Project Documentation, Helpful Patterns in Unity

We are announcing our Barcamp #4 that will take place on Thursday, 24th of July, 19:00Shevchenka boulevard 5, 6th floor of Nravo office. Registration is free but required.


This barcamp will consist of several relatively short talks about cardboard (“the biggest WTF of the Google I/O”), about how to develop and maintain project documentation, porting Unity applications to Windows Phone 8, helpful patterns in Unity.

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Nravo Kids Development – #2 SmoothMoves (2D Animations)

And here goes one more article about NravoKids development. In this article I will describe my experience with SmoothMoves plugin for Unity3d which is used to create bone animations. So this article is kind of an another asset review. I will try to describe its benefits and drawbacks. To be short the asset is fantastic but has some moments that might have been a little bit better. I will also tell about some tips to keep it mind while using the framework.


So below is a brief review of the asset and a little of my exprience using it.

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Nravo Kids Development – #1 Using Playmaker to Make Cartoon-like Games

In this series of articles I will go through the technical details of NravoKids project.


Development of the first project was really fast and rough and thanks to some of the amazing Unity Asset Store assets I managed to create a modularized application that is easy to modify and debug. This post will be particularly useful for those who need to create cartoon-or-movie-like interactive 2D games.


Current article is a brief overview of the assets I’ve used, why are they useful, their advantages and drawbacks. I will also describe how they are coupled. So lets begin looking at our assets!

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Barcamp #3. Unity3D : Custom Editors, Unity3D Assets to Boost Productivity, Behaving with math

We are announcing our Barcamp #3 that will take place in Startup Depot (Vesnyana St. 4) on Thursday, the 5th of June, 19:00. Registration is free but required.


This barcamp is all about Unity3D. This time we will talk about:

  • Custom Editors in Unity3D (Vitaliy Zasadnyy)
  • Unity3D Assets to Boost Your Productivity (Taras Leskiv)
  • Behaviour for Unity3D (Serhiy Grinets)

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Unity Project Structure Template Repo

The problem: when I urgently need to create a new Unity3D project I spend a lot of time organizing folder structure, looking for my .gitignore file, and some assets I usually use (like MonoSingleton class).


Solution: I’ve created a repository (develop branch) with a project structure I generally use. I’ve included most of the folders I could remember to be useful and some assets that I use. The project structure varies from project to project but this solution is a good starting point. It will save you some development time. I will keep adding things I consider being useful.

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Scriptable Objects in Unity3D – Creating a holder for game level for simple board tile based game.

In this tutorial we will create a simple level holder for a board tile based game and construct a level from the holder object.


Suppose we have a game that consists of a square board (like Flow) and multiple different elements. In our case elements will be small and large cubes and spheres.

Before starting this tutorial you might want to look at the following articles: