Who we are?


We are a team of young developers and we create games. We are doing great work and we want to share our experience. That’s why we’ve created developers.nravo.com blog, which will hopefully be useful for people interested in gamedev.


We will write about problems that we’ve faced and their solutions.

You will also find lots of interesting information here: event announcements, which are organized by our team, reports about them, articles, pieces of advice etc.


We’ve also created a youtube channel where you will find videos from our events and even more.


We are looking forward to your feedback in comments!




  • Vitalik Zasadnyy – developer, geek, Google fan, frequent speaker on various conferences in Ukraine and abroad. Well known person among people interested in Android and other Google related stuff as he is co-founder of Google Developers Group Lviv. Got into gamedev 2 years ago and now willing to share everything he knows about game industry with others.
  • Serhiy Grinets – charismatic developer, fan of games of any kind, IT freak since Spectrum. Proud mentor of over 30 awesome developers, now wants to share fun, rainbows, thoughts, ideas and his 5 years of experience with everybody who love making games.
  • Taras Leskiv – Former Android developer, now Unity 3D developer that has been dreaming about making games since his childhood. Now when the dream came true, he is willing to share his experience and knowledge about gamedev with others. Highly interested in industrial design and English language.